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Corinne Celestial Pomeranians-AKC Registered

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Our Celestial Policies


We'll explain our current business and ordering policies on this page. Thankyou .Please feel free to e-mail , call or write us if you are interested in any of our Poms .

      Sales Agreement    Date______________

      Breed of Dog_________Sex_____________
      Date of Birth________Deposit_________
      Pick up Date ________Balance_________
      Shipping date________Date Welped_____
      Show Prospect________Brood___________
      Litter #_____________

      This Agreement is entered into between
____________________Buyer,and Corinne Irvine
Seller.Seller does hereby certify that one
A.K.C.registered Pomeranian dog will be tran-
fered to the buyer as soon as possible, after
full payment has been made.
      Celestial Pomeranians does here-
by state, that to the best of my knowledge,
the dog sold is in good health, free of genet-
ic defects and that the vaccination are
current. All known faults have been declared
to the buyer.Buyer shall be given 72 hours
after leaving the sellers premises to have the
dog examined by a licenced veternarian.In the
event that a health problem is discovered and
a written diagnosis is supplied to Corinne
Irvine owner of  Celestial Pomeranians, by the
examining veteranrian.
The dog in guestion may be returned for exchange
or refund of the purchace price, or replaced .
All animals are sold as pets unless stated to be Show
Prospect. All  pet sales agree to a spay and nueter
agreement apon purchace unless the seller agrees
to an open  registration before shipping.
[Shipping ]
Dogs being shipped will utilize the most
economical means available,unless buyer
makes arrangements otherwise.Freight must
be prepaid by the buyer and will not be
refunded should the dog be returned.A clean
airline approved shipping crate with food
and water containers and pad will be supplied
for an additional cost of $45.00. The
Veternarian health certificate will cost an
additional $30.00 to be paid with the purchace
[Shipping Free Adds]-newspaper or web add]
 All Shipping cost will be paid by the
seller, when a dog is purchaced through a
shipping free add.The shipping cost will be paid
by the buyer should the dog be returned. The
Crate will be supplied by the seller in the case
when a add includes the free crate statement.
Health certificates will also be paid by the seller
when stated in the sales add.
    Entire Agreement .This agreement is complete
between buyer and seller. No promises or guaranties
are made unless contained herein in writing.
    Wavers or Warranties. Buyer waives all implied
warranties of merchantability and fitness for
a particular purpose.The only Warranties given
are those expressly set out herein.
Buyer X____________________________________
  We except bank checks and bank money orders,

We attempt to ship your Dog  as soon as we receive payment in full.
                          Corinne Irvine
                           708 16th. Ave. E.

Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail at: Friends of Poms